FAQ – New Normal

Frequently Asked Questions

We're pretty sure you have a lot of questions what will change in Climb Central's new normal. Read on below to see the answers:

1. How did you decide on the new safety measures?

A: We started making it based on Climb Central Singapore’s reopening guidelines and advice from the Climbing Wall Association. For a more local context, we received suggestions from medical professionals that climb frequently.

2. How often will the facility be disinfected?

A: We have UV lamps installed within our ventilation system and we keep it running continuously during operating hours to disinfect the air circulating inside the gym. High touch surfaces like seats and railings are disinfected at intervals.

3. What will the ventilation system be like?

A: Our air conditioning system will remain open during operating hours.

4. Why do you prefer disposable masks to reusable/washable masks?

A: Surgical masks and valveless N95 masks are proven to be more effective in protecting the user and the people around them. During a 2-hour session, we expect the masks to get wet with sweat so it’s ideal that climbers replace it after climbing. It also provides a standard for us to easily check which masks are adequate or not. You may double up your mask provided that one of them are either a surgical or a valveless N95 mask.

5. I lost my key tag. How do I reserve a time slot?

A: You can still book a slot. Just input “lost key tag” in the form and fill the rest as usual. If you still haven’t found your key tag during your session, you’ll need a replacement key tag (Php150). All your account details will get transferred there but the number will be different.

6. Will there be an assigned belay partner for solo climbers?

A: If you enter the facility as a solo climber, you may partner up with another solo climber. You’ll have to inform the crew that you’re looking for a partner as you enter the facility. We will inform you when another person is looking for a partner. Once you’ve partnered with another climber you can no longer switch them with another person for the duration of your time slot even if they leave.

7. What will happen to monthly and multipass holders?

A: All account holders who sent us requests to freeze their accounts before March 15, the day of our first closure, will remain frozen until first reuse. Multipass validity will be extended for the number of days we’ve been closed but will be activated upon reopening. Monthly passes (1,3,6, and 12 months) were automatically frozen upon closure but they will also be activated upon reopening. If you want to keep your monthly pass frozen, there is an admin fee of Php150 to be settled upon your return. If you want to do so, please email us your name, tag number, and reason at info@climbcentral.ph.

8. Are the autobelay lanes open?

A: Yes! Auto belay lanes are open.

9. Is the shop open?

A: The shop will be open but we’ve got a very low amount of stock. If you’re looking for any equipment just message us and we’ll check for availability.

10. Why is loose chalk not allowed?

A: Loose chalk lowers the air quality inside the facility when health is of utmost importance during these challenging times. We will only allow liquid chalk and chalkballs for the meantime. We sell chalkballs for Php200.

11. Are kids allowed to climb?

A: Children (5-12 yrs) are allowed to climb with us as long as they're fully vaccinated and are accompaied by an adult (18 yrs and above). Only one (1) child per adult is allowed for now. Please present the child's proof of full vaccination upon registration.

12. Do you have classes and programs to teach beginner climbers?

A: Our Intro to Climbing (2 hr session with an instructor to introduce climbing to beginners), Beta Basics (four session program teaching newbies basic climbing techniques to be more efficient on the wall), and Beta Tech (climbers are taught how to belay and climb on lead) are all available. Head on over to our Programmes page to book a session.